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For groups or societies, or people with a shared interest

Let the community work together to share knowledge of interesting events.

Open Tech Calendar lists tech events in Scotland and is the main resource for techies in the area. The site is regularly quoted and several other websites take event data from it to reuse.

Using the tech calendar in Codebase has been hugely beneficial for building the community awareness around the incredible number of great events that are happening in the city. Being able to have our own bespoke calendar for internal events has simplified the process for the staff.

Jamie Coleman, Codebase

Do you need a collaborative calendar for many users to edit?

We are designed for the special case where many people need to be able to edit the same calendar safely. We'll keep your data safe!

Your data is your data

With strong Open Data feeds, you can reuse your data in many ways. We don't try to lock you in! If you want to host your own data, contact us to ask about options.

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