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Discover some of the calendars we host. An administrator of a calendar can choose whether it appears on this page.

  • logo Open Tech Calendar

    This site lists tech events in the UK. This is actually the first wiki calendar that started the whole thing off in July 2012! Very popular, it's data is used on several other sites.

  • logo Demo

    Welcome to the Demo/Sandbox calendar. Anyone with an account can edit this; so feel free to create an account, make up some fake events, generally have a play and see how it works! (Note the events you add can be seen by everyone so don't be rude! Silly or ridiculous is just fine however.)

    Each calendar can deal with events in just one or several or all countries - the administrator can choose. This demo calendar has a random handful of countries activated so you can play with the international features and see how they work.

  • logo Open Cycling Calendar

    Welcome to Open Cycling Calendar, a user-editable calendar of your local cycling-related events. We help people find great events and enable cycling groups to work together for everyone's benefit.

    Anyone can create an account to add and modify groups and events. Share your cycling events with us!

  • logo Scottish Food & Drink Events

  • logo Offene Kommunen.NRW

  • logo Leith Lives

    Welcome to Leith Community Events, a collaborative calendar for Leith organisations.

    This is a new Leith Lives project, and we’d love it if you could help us test the calendar by adding your events and sending us your thoughts and feedback. Anyone can create an account and add and edit events.

    Calendar data can be exported, to feed directly into your other calendars or for display on your website (if you have a Wordpress site, there’s a widget ready for you to use).

    We’ll be discussing the best ways to develop the calendar at future Leith Lives Meetups, and we hope you’ll join us (www.meetup.com/The-Leith-Lives-Project-Meetup).

    In the meantime, if there’s anything you’d like to ask, please do get in touch (admin@leithlives.org).

  • logo Edinburgh2020

  • logo Gorani

  • logo My calendar

  • logo Kassel

  • logo JCB Events

    There are lots of great events happening across the local area, organised by different groups, and the intent of this page is to help those groups get the message out about their events to a wider audience.

    I hope in time that this will become the central point for finding out about local events in Juniper Green, Currie and Balerno, which are suburbs of Edinburgh.

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